Wednesday, July 8, 2009

While I've been around, I obviously haven't posted anything in about 2 weeks. Just really haven't had anything to talk about. So forgive me if this is rather rambling and uninteresting. That is, unless I end up finding a subject at some point during typing.

I'll start off saying that I haven't really been playing anything new recently. Just going through Dead Space again, playing the new Fallout 3 DLC (Point Lookout), with The Conduit (Wii) being the sole actual new game (besides wondering why I haven't picked up Punchout! yet...). I've actually had the hankering to pull out and play Project Sylpheed again, if only for the thought of being in a fighter that performs various forms of asset denial (IE, blowing shit up). For that matter, I should pull out Star Ocean 4 again, if only to finish up the main game, since I'm on the final dungeon anyways.

As some videogame podcasts have put it, I have a very large "pile-of-shame". The term refers to games that one has had for a considerable amount of time and either played but not finished, and/or games that haven't even been played. As much as I like RPGs, they, and the considerable amount of time they take to play, are the primary cause of my pile. I'm not going to even get into what's on the list.

As for pulling out Dead Space and Project Sylpheed after having already completed them, well, I guess I am an achievement whore on the level that I like getting achievements in the games I have. I AM NOT an achievement whore on the level that I do not buy games specifically for the achievement points (Avatar will never appear on my gamertag! XD). This is a problem when playing RPGs though, especially the handful of JRPGs, which are known for their excessive use of sidequests, hidden areas and bosses, and general miscellaneous crap that requires you to play considerably large amounts of time for things that aren't related to the main quest. Some side stuff is okay, but sometimes theres so much that it just gets assinine (I'm looking at you, Blue Dragon and Tales of Vesperia).

Anyways, Fallout 3 DLC. Called Point Lookout. Of all the Fallout DLC packs, this one is on level, potentially better, with the previous pack, Broken Steel. Broken Steel allowed you to reenter the world after the ending, with additional quests and raising the level cap. Point Lookout, though, simply adds new map with its own seperate plotline, but it does it much more skillfully than the two DLCs before Broken Steel. Instead of being (primarily) linear, pathed experiences, Point Lookout is completely open to exploration from the getgo. As well, the area contains quests that are not actually part of the primary plotline. As well, all the plotlines fit well into the overall mythology of the game world. Moonshining hillbillies, Chinese (in this case communist) spies, and drug using hippies being led by a brain in a jar. Not to mention being in a bayou. The only issue I found is that Point Lookout is supposed to be in southern Maryland, but it has a distinctly Louisiana/Alabama vibe to it. Ohwell, I still give this particular DLC 5/5.

Now, The Conduit, FPS for the Wii. YES, THE WII. As much as I hate using the caveat, I have to, but this game looks great for a Wii game. I need to play more, but I've seen enough to impress me (I've only played up to halfway before accidentally deleting my save file >.<). The customization of the controls makes it possible for anyone to tweak it enough to be comfortable (but can't turn crouch into toggle instead of button hold, grrr...). Like alot of the reviews out there, though, I have to agree with comments on lackluster area design. Also, while the game isn't supposed to be difficult, there are occasional spots where the difficult gets to wallbanger (IE, Wii-Mote chucking) levels. My current replay has me stuck at one of those spots, and its not nice. Not nice at all. And the area is the Jefferson Memorial of all places too.

Ohwell, I think that's all I got for now. o.O

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