Monday, June 22, 2009

New Playlist

Okay, I'm currently working on a new iPod playlist and I need suggestions. So if anyone actually reads this, suggestions here or on Twitter are welcome. Here's what I currently have, shown in Songname/Artist format. By the way, this is in no particular order.

Playlist Title: Weird Things At All

I Know What I Am / Band of Skulls
The Metal / Tenacious D
Volver a Comenzar / Cafe Tacuba
Atlas / Battles
Kingdom of Rust / Doves
Beautiful Is Gone / The Ruse
No One Knows / Queens of the Stone Age
My Patch / Jim Noir
Panic Attack / Dream Theater
Energy / The Apples In Stereo
Hey You / 311
This Ain't a Scene, Its an Arms Race / Fall Out Boy
Paralyzer / Finger Eleven
Unless It's Kicks / Okkervil River
Take Me Out / Franz Ferdinand
21st Century Breakdown / Green Day
Catch Without Arms / Dredg

My thoughts on it are so far these. I'm trying to go for songs that sound out of the ordinary, or at least different from the average mainstream rock/altrock, but that doesn't mean I'm keeping that kind of stuff out of the running. I already know Panic Attack needs to be taken off. I like 21st Century Breakdown, but it also doesn't fit with the rest of set either. I Know What I Am, My Patch, and Energy are staying on. I'd like to keep Kingdom of Rust, but its so hard making a playlist that it will fit in. But then, that's why I'm asking for suggestions.

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